Total bets in gambling: what you need to know

Many experienced and not so many sport players have often heard about different types of bids, and that each of them can be used to their advantage. Let’s take a look at what the whole bet means, why it is needed and how to correctly direct it towards winning.

What is total more and less

In the lines of bookmakers, these forecasts are displayed in the form of more (TM) and less (TL)
or simply M / L with the number. The algorithm is simple: when a player is sure that teams will score at least three goals, he puts the whole more than 2 or 2.5. If not – take TM 2.5 or 3. The total for goals and points is indicated in the main list, bets on other sport statistics are in additional sections.

Total with return
If the indicator is an integer, it is possible to return the bd. For example, a player took TM 3, and a football match ended with a score of 2: 1 and 3: 0. In this case, the bookmaker will return the bet. Integers are less common than halves. Given the possibility of return, the odds here are usually lower.

Half totals
In bets with an integer as if the whole is less than 2.5, compromises are excluded. The player can only win or lose. If you bet TL 2.5, and as a result a maximum of two goals will be scored, the office pays the winnings. But if the whole number of sport goals is three or more, the bet is lost.

The so-called “Asian total” is also gaining popularity. It is expressed in coefficient multiples of 0.25. The bid amount is divided equally into two pairs. For example, by making UAH 1,000 on TM 2.75, you buy two pairs out of UAH 500 for a total of more than 2.5 and TM 3.
If the teams score exactly three times, UAH 500 will play on TM 2.5. For TM 3 the rate will be returned. In other cases, Better will either win the full amount or lose. With odds ending in 0.25, a loss with a return of half is possible.

Specifics of total bids in football

Such bets are popular in all game sports. However, a large number of football competitions allows bookmakers to offer the widest and most diverse painting in this section. Here you can bet not only on the whole number of goals, corners or yellow cards. The whole in football sport can be calculated for a single team or athlete.

Individual total
These pairs are usually referred to as ITM and ITL. The calculation is carried out according to the same scheme, only the result of a specific sport participant is taken into account. The bookmaker must display who exactly is gambling. In the case of a team, indicate ITM1 (hosts) or ITM2 (guests). A surname is more often written about a specific football player.

Three-way whole
Total three-way bids expand the number of options for players. In addition to standard TM and TV, there is an option “equal to”. Players can try to guess the exact number of goals or other sport statistics. By betting on “equal to 3”, the player wins provided that the teams exchange three balls. Any other result will be a loss. High sport coefficients of 3.0 are set for such forecasts.

Betting on total in other sports

If in football bids like TM 2.5 look standard, in other game disciplines operate in much larger numbers. Pairs on TM, TL, IT are regularly concluded:

  • in basketball;
  • hockey;
  • tennis.

Basketball matches are the most effective. The number of points scored per game usually ranges from 120-220. In the NBA, this figure is higher than in European championships. It is necessary to calculate the whole in basketball on the basis of statistical data, but with proper analytical work, this sport is more predictable, compared to others.
Hockey matches are similar to football matches, but the efficiency is also higher here. 4-5 goals will be considered the average – in most cases, throws much more. Here it is important to pay attention to such points as the size of the field (the average whole in hockey is always larger when playing in a reduced format) and the shape of the goalkeepers.
For tennis sport, it is often suggested to guess the number of games and sets. You need to take into account the format of the sport tournament, as in large competitions to win you need to take not two but three games. There are many individual totals in this section. For example, the number of innings submitted for departure. Interestingly, a player who has won more games in tennis can easily lose a match.

Total bids on statistics

Indians vs Capitals
Bet on Indians vs Capitals during IPL 2022

You can bet a whole of more than 2 or ITL 1.5 on the number of goals scored in each bookmaker’s office. Everywhere they actively accept bets on corners, penalties and fouls, shots on goal, yellow cards, removals, etc. As for other “small” sport statistics, the bookmakers’ lines often differ significantly. If you are interested in tournaments that are not very popular among ordinary players, you will have to do some research to find the optimal place to play.

Frequently asked questions

For which betting strategies is the total suitable?
This type of pair is used in most modern systems used by professionals.

Is it better to play pre-match or live?
It is more practical to bet whole in live mode. This allows you to make timely adjustments depending on what is happening on the playground.

Is it reasonable to take wholes in express bids?
It is no more risky than betting on a result or with a handicap.